Testimonial from Barbara from Lenox

Tri-Town Paving,

"There are very few times when paying a bill is enjoyable, but Tri-Town did such a good job paving the driveway in Lenox that this is a bill that is a pleasure to pay!...

The driveway is beautiful --- the edging, curvature and evenness of the drive are almost perfect. The first heavy rain ran off the drive and there were no puddles of water and no back wash from the road to the drive or from the drive to the garage.

So --- enclosed please find a check for paving our driveway. The extra $100.00 is for the crew! I know that is not much divided four ways, but please let the guys know that they have created a great looking driveway --- a drive that also works to shed water --- a driveway that is just fun to drive on!"


Barbara from Lenox